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Dog Trainer
Get the help you need with special friends
West London
Dog Trainer
Get the help you need with special friends

West London's Finest Dog Trainer

I can make training your dog’s obedience as easy as possible for you.

Let me help you nurture the best relationship possible between you and your dog. Having taken and passed courses at an advanced level with the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), I am a highly qualified dog training instructor and utilise only fair, kind and effective training methods. I have previously trained under some of the best trainers/instructors in the UK, until attaining the same standard of excellence myself. Be confident you will be in the best hands possible when it comes to my guidance of you in the obedience training of your dog.


contact:  Tel: 07881 958303
email: info@westlondon-dogtrainer.co.uk

Group Classes

Group classes can be a fun way to meet other dog owners and learn together under my instruction. I offer a comprehensive six week course of classes covering every aspect of obedience training and I keep these classes fun and accessible to all. Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, group classes have currently been suspended. See below for more details.

I will be offering these classes in the West London area again ASAP. I do, of course, offer group classes at a marginally cheaper rate than one to one instruction (see prices section below). So, if you are mainly interested in this form of instruction, please do watch this space for details of when and where classes will resume once restrictions have been lifted again.

One 2 One Instruction

Whilst the Covid tier system is in place, I currently offer one to one (or entire family instruction) over Zoom; or current tier system allowing, in person in your home environment. This can often be the best way to train your dog(s), as you will have my undivided attention, and I can tailor my instruction to suit your specific needs.

Have you just got yourself a beautiful new puppy? Or would you like to improve the relationship between you and your wonderful four legged companion? Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

As stated above, the one to one instruction I offer will take place in the comfort of your home, however we will also take full advantage of your garden should you have one, or the nearest quiet enclosed public outdoor space. This ensures you and your dog will be equipped with all the necessary tools with which to deal with the big wide world together, including large public parks and other public spaces.

Utilising clicker training, every area of obedience is covered over a comprehensive 6 week course, (including loose lead walking, a reliable recall, and that all important “leave/leave it”) exercise. I offer instruction to all ages of dogs from puppies to adolescents to mature dogs, however for some ingrained behaviour in older dogs, sometimes I may need to refer you on to a behaviourist. Rest assured though, that I have a network of specialists available to me and can therefore help with/cater for any specific doggie related needs, so feel free to get in touch no matter what your query.

Dog Walking / Sitting

Too busy with work to walk your dog? Don’t fret, you’re not on your own, it’s a common problem easily remedied, and again, you’re in the right place. My friendly team of experienced dog walkers will happily take your dog for a walk throughout most areas of West London for as long as you need them to. Pick up and drop off will be at your home or work address.

We also offer a dog sitting service, and are happy to give your dog a friendly home environment during the day or even for overnight stays. We can also offer a degree of training whilst doing this, but for most comprehensive training needs see our specific training programmes/courses. For prices see below.

Need To Get Your
Dog Trained?

Look no further

Having a new puppy in your life doesn’t have to be so much hard work, I can make it easy for you to manage any issues that may arise, and give you every tool necessary to do so. This will enable you to enjoy the wonderful times that a new furry addition to your family will bring you.

Pricing Plans


Comprehensive Six Week Course (6 x 45 minutes weekly classes) @ £150 for entire course (maximum of 8 clients per class)


1 x 90 minutes lesson and 4 x 45 minutes subsequent weekly lessons @ £300 for entire course

contact:  Tel: 07881 958303
email: info@westlondon-dogtrainer.co.uk


See below for some examples of what my clients have to say about my services. I’m happy to say these testimonials reflect the fact that this really is a vocation for me, and one that I truly love.

Meet Our
Expert Trainer

Here is a video to illustrate just how easy it is to give your dog behaviour cues simply by utilising hand signals alone. I can easily teach you how to do the same as part of a six week training course set out by me. For further details see above.

  • Alicja Nomi

    Experienced dog walker

  • Daniel Palfi

    dog walker/assistant training instructor